YouTuber PewDiePie Faces Backlash After Saying the N-Word
PewDiePie was awarded Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Star: Gaming in 2014.
PewDiePie: YouTube star shouts the n-word during livestream
It wasnt even a stupid video. This guy is purposefully manipulating things. If you watch the music video, the guy literally gives the speech at the end about how black people SHOULDNT commit violence against white people because they feel hurt by sins of the past and that future generations are the only thing that gets hurt by racial violence.
Why PewDiePie accidentally using the n-word matters
A minecraft youtuber. Meme: *chokes* What is this stabbing pain I feel in my heart?No It cant be. I.. Im dying.
PewDiePie Blurts Out N-Word During Video-Game Live Stream
On 18 December 2016, he received a custom Play Button from YouTube as a reward for hitting 50 million subscribers.
PEWDIEPIE says the N Word || SOUTH PARK EDITION - reddit
On 29 September 2016, he released another game developed by Outerminds, titled PewDiePies Tuber Simulator.
PewDiePie apologizes for using n-word during live stream
As one Twitter user concisely put it on Sunday evening: "PewDiePie wouldnt have accidentally said the n-word unless he comfortably says it when hes not on camera."
PewDiePie drops N-word weeks after distancing himself from pewdiepie says n words
In August 2014, Maker Studios released an official PewDiePie app for the iPhone, allowing audiences to view his videos, create custom favourite video feeds and share videos with others.
YouTube star PewDiePie uses the n-word in - Vox pewdiepie says n words
PewDiePie was awarded Shorty Award for Gaming in 2013.
PewDiePie apologizes for using the N-word, but actions
YouTube’s biggest star uploaded a video today where he apologized for casually dropping the n-word during a Battlegrounds stream last weekend. Pewdiepie Says Hes Going To Stop Making Nazi

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